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In early 2004 Sherri and I started My Beloved’s Garden after much prayer and thought.  Our desire is to help Christian couples get closer to each other and closer to God through intimacy.  Sherri was raised in a Christian home and spent many years in the ministry on her own and with her family. I received Christ when I was thirty years old. Since then I have been a missionary, evangelist, and educator on cults and the occult. So, we have been in the “Christian Circles” for a while now. We see a great need for truth and honesty in the body of Christ. We believe that people should be able to tell their truth (No matter what it may be) without judgement and receive the help and prayer they need within the church instead of needing to go outside the church. There are some churches providing a support structure for those of us that choose to be real and tell our truth, but they are few and far between. We would like to see groups formed for people to go to and tell their truth about divorce, alcohol, depression, sex addiction, issues with pornography, gossip and back biting or anything else that we as Christians need to deal with instead of being too afraid to tell our truth.   If we keep ourselves and our truth a secret we will remain feeling shunned and continue to feel the like failures both as individuals and as Christians. Lets face it, we are all sinners and have issues; it would be such a relief and benefit to have a safe, uplifting place to deal with them.


That being said, we saw a big need for Christian couples to be able to freely express, learn and talk about there lives as intimate beings. We are all having sex within our marriages, hopefully, but as Christians we don’t seem to talk about it much, its one of those places we just don’t go. Many Christians have found themselves in places or (web sites) in order to find solutions to their intimacy issues and questions that have compromised their relationship with Christ.  On the other spectrum their our other Christian couples who never having their questions answered and living day after day, and night after night with the same unresolved intimacy problems for fear to delve into the truth for fear what they will find.  They are left living their lives often times believing spoken doctrines that are not even scriptural that keep them in their sexual rut.  In many Christian homes, “sex” it taught to be dirty, bad and sinful instead of being properly explained as being a beautiful and God honoured practice among married couples.  God wants us and created us to be sexual beings.  We need to “celebrate” sex in our marriages!  .


This is why My Beloved’s Garden was created, to help the body of Christ through education and provision of written, audio or video material and also more literal means of help through marital aids, to help Christian married couples become more intimate with each other and Christ.  There are no pornographic images, videos or written material on our site. We hope you will join our ministry/business team through are affiliate program to help more couples to grow intimately closer to each other and to Christ.


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