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The reasons we do not use mannequins are many:

1. Our Supplier ships out our product to our US customers as we are in Canada, so we never actually have these items in our hands. We do not have tangible product to photograph ourselves.

2. We do not keep stock because of the obvious cost involved. In order to have a large inventory for our costumers to choose from, many size choices including plus sizes, and then having many of each size stocked of each item that are ready to be shipped to excited customers, would cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3. We have chosen the Christian market for the reason of keeping Christian couples from roaming through store fronts, magazines, websites, catalogues that are pornographic and/or put an other face (other than ones spouse) on the outfit. The Christian market is significantly smaller than that of the secular market, the demand for product mimics these numbers. Supply and Demand does not work in our favor, so we have to work in a way that will keep our head above water.

4. The Lingerie business is part of the Fashion Industry. This industry is ever changing, in fact, our lingerie almost completely changes quarterly. This means that we have to remove all the pictures, descriptions, price links to our shopping cart (for each size and color), every three months. This is very time consuming. If we also had to photograph these items professionally, purchase each one as well, in each color, we would never make any money at all.

5. We have seen a few other companies like our own who sold their lingerie on mannequins, go out of business. We think one of the reasons for this is, it is hard enough for one to purchase items via the Internet, let’s face it, it is a scary venue. To be expected to buy something on a mannequin which definitely does not give a very good impression of how a garment will look, coupled with the fact that the item on a mannequin looks of poor quality, is not good for sales or for good representation.

We have done are very best to remove the heads of the models so a connection to a face cannot be made. We have cut our models off at the leg where the lingerie item end to take away from the viewing the model as a sexual being. We have blurred out cleavage areas, bellybutton, contouring and muscle tone, to make the models look as mannequin-like as possible. We have also smudged any areas of a garment that is transparent.

We are sorry for those whom we may discourage from shopping with us because we use real models, however, we have found this is the only way we can keep our mission going without putting ourselves out of business.

If you have found any pictures that need further editing, please let us know, as we would appreciate your input and will re-edit the picture as soon as possible.

Wives, may we suggest that you look alone at the lingerie pictures if this is an issue for your spouse, and if you find an item(s) that you would like your husband to view, prior to ordering, we would be happy to further edit that item(s) to where there is nothing showing accept the item itself?

We know it is hard for some of our clients to understand how Internet businesses work, and we are glad to have the opportunity to share it with you.


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