Oro Simulator With Lubricant Sex Toy Product

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Oro Simulator With Lubricant

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Product Details

  • Weight: 4.90 Ounces
  • Width: 2.00 Inches
  • Length: 4.00 Inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Lube Included
    Lube Included - A toy packaged with lubricant. Lubricants are a necessity. They keep the private parts slick to reduce friction on sensitive skin and prolong love making. Lubricants are especially helpful to alleviate dryness. Also known as lube.
  • Materials: PVC
    PVC - PVC, sometimes referred to as jelly, is a plastic made more flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers or phthalates. Some odor is usually detectable with PVC toys. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Beige
  • Manufacturer: Cal Exotics
  • UPC: 716770003799
  • SKU: CNVNAL-6864
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Product Description

  • Great for beginners or advanced users
  • Flexible sleeve designed for sucking action
  • Standard bulb
  • Lubricant included
  • PVC
  • 4 inches by 2 inches

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14 Reviews
strokin' steve Verified Buyer
May 30, 2011
great toy with some user modification......
The key to this toy is to experiment with it. Run down to the hardware store/home center and get a longer length of clear plastic tubing of the same diameter. Go back home and get ready to get a REALLY good orgasm. I've owned several of these over the years and am about to buy another. When you use the longer tubing that I recommend, you can work it with your mouth by blowing air in and then sucking it back out. A couple of plusses: your mouth doesn't get nearly as tired as your hand does pumping the bulb; your breath is warm and after a bit warms up the toy so that it feels more like a real mouth; for extra lube you can blow saliva through the tube into the toy and onto your cock, which aids in warming it up as mentioned previously. It takes a bit of experimenting to get it just right, but TRUST ME, once you optimize the use of this toy as I have advised, you will DEFINITELY enjoy it much more, AND you will have made it truly hands-free. Hands-free is a definite plus for me as I like to play with my nipples while using it on my cock and doing it that way has given me some truly mind-blowing orgasms. They really ought to just sell this toy with a longer length of tubing and just toss the bulb, however, for a few bucks spent at the hardware you can modify it yourself for a greatly enhanced experience.
Orginial Pump Verified Buyer
May 25, 2011
Greatest product i have ever used
i love this product its was the greatest i have ever use in my life i have more fun in my sexual life because sextoyfun brought my dream come true they are the best and i will continue shopping with them because they are the largest online best retailer for adult products
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 16, 2007
Review of SE1005-01
Trust the people who says not to buy this. dont. it takes forever to get this to work and it makes ur cock head hurt... the plastic is realy hard and un flexible and takes alot of work to squeze the bulb
Scotty Verified Buyer
Jul 25, 2006
Review of SE1005-01
The product will only attach itself to the head of your cock. If your cock is too large, it is hit and miss. I can promise that you will get tired of pumping long before you cum. For me, the bulb wore out before I could climax. Dont waste your money.
Olly Verified Buyer
Dec 16, 2005
Review of SE1005-01
I dunno - have never come when using this, but can understand it may work for others. Keeps falling off me - and Im a full size 8. Also, just doesnt stimulate enough of the length of me for what I like. However, its well worth the price to see if it works for you.
Mikey Verified Buyer
Dec 1, 2005
Review of SE1005-01
This is the first sex toy Ive purchased. The first time I used it, it didnt take long for the sucking and stroking action to make me have a wonderful orgasm. It is true it does feel like a real blowjob once you get used to helping it out a little. I sure wish the sucking action was automatically generated because my hand soon became tired after a few minutes pumping the bulb. Plus, the best thing about a real blowjob is the experience of not having to do anything so you can concentrate on enjoying the sensations. However the second time I tried to use it, the rubber sleeve cracked. I tried to adjust the sleeve but it cracked again. Then it was totally useless! It met the trash can a few minutes later. If you are very careful with it or dont mind spending $20 for one or two sessions, then its worth the money. Too bad too... Id pay three times the price for a high quality toy that I didnt find myself throwing in the trash right away.
Marshall Verified Buyer
Nov 25, 2005
Review of SE1005-01
This toy is interesting because it kind of offers something unique. However, it is so tricky to get it to do what it is supposed to. You have to assemble it, lube it, and mount it on your cock JUST right or you will feel nothing. When I did get it on right, it felt really great. But then it usually slipped off, especially if I pumped the bulb too fast. Then I got several tears in the sleeve and had to toss it. Hmm... I wouldnt waste your money unless you are very intrigued by the idea of sqeezing instead of jerking. If you get it to work, it does feel like someone is sucking you. Good luck!
Frank Verified Buyer
Oct 15, 2005
Review of SE1005-01
I have owned this device twice and it is great as long as you use a good lube and can figure out how to assemble it. Both times plastic Assembly cracked when accidentally dropped....heartbreaking.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 29, 2005
Review of SE1005-01
Astroglide works great to make this device slide up and down with just the right amount of friction. Im on my third one, in the past 4-5 years. The rubber sleeve eventually tears, and then soon their shot. Induces really powerful orgasms, and big loads.
andy Verified Buyer
Aug 20, 2005
Review of SE1005-01
This was great, although fiddly to put together but the first time I used it it was like woooaa very quick to cum with, and very intense orgasms as well.. worth getting...!
allsurf Verified Buyer
Aug 5, 2005
Review of SE1005-01
This item is a great buy. I bought one of the first ones years ago and they are very realistic beyond any other auto device. Just use a water base lube. With this device you never have to feel alone again. You might even talk her into squeezing the bulb for you, if shes around!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 5, 2005
Review of SE1005-01
Piece of junk, the sleeve ripped and I tossed it in the trash...dont waste your money
Wahlterh Verified Buyer
Feb 5, 2005
Review of SE1005-01
I think this product is GREAT! Only problem is that my hand gets tired from pumping. Otherwise superb.
Richard S. Troker Verified Buyer
Jan 10, 2005
Review of SE1005-01
A great toy that can induce big loads. The important thing to remember here is to use a good lube. The rubber sleeve will tear after a while, and once that happens, its all downhill from there. Do NOT use oil based lube, as that will degrade the sleeve. The plastic cup has needlessly sharp edges; rounding it off would not be difficult, I dont know why they dont do that at the factory, so be careful putting it together. When assembling it leave a good amount of the sleeve to curl up inside the cup; this gives a more realistic blowjob simulation and gives lots of fun sensations. All this aside, it does suck the head of your dick very well, and gives some great stimulation. I have had some serious orgasms with this thing.

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