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At My Beloved's Garden, we provide a safe non-pornographic place to shop for all your Christian sex toys and romance needs, while keeping Christ at the center of your marriage. Packages arrive in a non-descript plain brown box. Your information is never sold or shared, we respect you and your privacy.

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If you are new to Marital Aids and feel overwhelmed, please click HERE.

We understand that ordering these items can be overwhelming. If you have Questions or need help choosing your items, Gals Please contact Sherri and Guys please contact Michael at .

 If you would like to speak to us by phone, please let us know via email and we will call you, please be patient. 1-604-541-0123

We are honored to bring to you great Christian Marital Aids and/or Christian sex toys, Lingerie, and other marriage-enhancement items.  We offer great prices on our Christian sex toys and fantastic customer service, while keeping Jesus Christ at the center of it all. We know there is no such thing as Christian sex toys, they are just sex toys that we are offering to the Body of Christ without all the bad stuff that can and does go along with it in stores and other sites. We also need to call then that so you can find us through the search engine you use. We don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water so to speak. A multitude of Christian couples have been helped with the area of intimacy since we have started this site, we are so thankful for that. We are committed to serving you in your desire to strengthen your marriage through sexual intimacy.

 Since early 2004 we have been blessed to be featured in several publications, helping us to get the word out about Christian Love, Sex and Intimacy (yes even Christians have sex :))  We have been featured in the Globe and Mail, New York Times, Macleans Magazine and the Toronto Sun. You can view these articles  HERE. We thank God for the opportunity to serve you. 

Our desire and prayer is...

  • to aid the Christian couple in avoiding sex shops, pornographic magazines, web sites that promote pre-marital sex, homosexuality, violence and/or volatile or pornographic material. 
  • to support Christian couples who require or want the resources to rekindle the passion in their relationship, spark their desire and assist them in their creative methods of expressing their love for each other: enabling full sensual and sexual satisfaction, through Romance, intimate Christian written material and love-making marital aids. 
  • to offer a resource for products intended for the Christian couple or individual without incurring elevated prices. As we all know, most retailers for Christian products tend to be over-priced in order to offset the low volume and their store-front costs. Instead, we would like to give you the opportunity to purchase items at prices that are competitive and in most cases unbeatable! If you are able to find a better price on an item that we carry let us know, and we will do our best to match it. 

We hope you enjoy this site and it blesses you and your spouse. Our intent is to provide not only marital aids but anything that has to do with Love, Romance and Intimacy. Check our  FAQs  page for answers to tough questions like: orgasm and stimulation, oral sex, anal sex and masturbation.

Please check back with us, as we are a work in progress, and will be adding great items weekly. If any of our terms or topics like Christian sex toys, Christian marital aids, Christian adult toys, Christian oral sex, Christian anal sex or Christian lingerie is offensive to you, please take the time to browse the   FAQs  page and ask questions if you like or you can simply exit the site.

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